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The higher your business is on the search engine rankings, the better chance it has of bringing in potential customers. This is done via search engine optimization. As a professional SEO company, Promotant provides a comprehensive set of services that will not only boost your content but also make sure that it is promoted and advertised on a number of different platforms. This is to ensure that the maximum number of people get to view your content and, therefore, create a better target audience.
Even if you are just starting out as an entrepreneur, you should invest in finding the best SEO strategies for your company. We provide affordable SEO services for small businesses and you can definitely opt for them.

What We Offer Under SEO Services


Website Auditing and Optimization

We conduct SEO auditing of websites to check which parts need to be optimized. Our method of website auditing includes SEO tagging, internal linking, as well as content optimization. Once we have identified areas that need to be worked on, we provide a range of possible solutions that will meet your requirements and improve the traffic.


Analytics Research

We use Google Analytics and identify which trends work best for your business. We then form SEO strategies based on those trends. We also use the insights gained and web metrics to select the most suitable options.


Finding Opportunities and Right Keywords

Using the right keywords and having an SEO friendly language for your web content can generate organic traffic. We use analytical tools to find the best keywords and also work with the latest updates from Google so that your content is constantly optimized.


Competitive Edge

Our team of experts provides reports regarding the other brands in the industry, which can be competitive. We then use methods that help your brand move ahead of the competitors and attract new customers.


Marketing and SEO

When PR, branding, and social media marketing tools are used in combination with SEO, your website gets a huge boost. We use several different tools and strategies together for an all-round approach towards optimization.


Content Marketing

Content marketing can boost your website and generate traffic through off-page optimization. Therefore we use SEO friendly content to get your brand across to more people.


Monitoring and Reporting

We constantly monitor the performance of client websites and provide detailed reports. Our web analysis helps to identify areas that can be optimized and which strategies should be used.


Search Engine Penalty Recovery

There are several pages that get hit and penalized on the internet. We use various different communicative strategies to avoid such occurrences and provide options for on-page modifications. We also have backend follow-ups so that if a page has been penalized, it can be recovered.

What Makes Promotant The Best
SEO Company In India?

22+ Years of Experience

We have been providing SEO services for the last 22 years, and we have helped businesses implement tools and strategies that have resulted in growth and success.

Strong Web Presence

For your business to thrive, a strong web presence is of utmost importance. That is exactly what we offer. We use the right methods of SEO to make sure that your website is visible when online and that it is able to draw potential customers.

Strengthen Marketing Campaigns

Most businesses have their own marketing campaigns. However, online marketing involving SEO strategies requires proper research. We analyze the competition and come up with marketing techniques that will be most beneficial to your brand.


Brand Building

The SEO strategies that we use are focused on the nature of the target audience. The web content is meant to engage that audience and reflect the brand. This allows your brand to have a unique identity and makes it recognizable.

Performance Tracking

We provide real-time metrics to analyze the performance of your web content. These metrics are accurate and verified and allow us to understand which areas can be improved.

Improved Organic Traffic

Our professional SEO services will boost your website and generate more traffic. This will improve its search engine ranking.

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